Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Chance at Life.....

It's’s been 3 days since we started clinics in Anibong and today we are at Tacloban City Hospital for the last time. Three days is long enough to know what is waiting for us and long enough to know we are not yet halfway through the project, three more days in Tanauan and another three in Basey, Samar.    As the bus pulls in at 700am at the hospital , there are 400+ people waiting outside.
Most of these patients have been here since last night, hoping for a chance to see the Canadian doctors.  Another long grueling day in the insufferable heat. Always standing on your feet where sweat is your closest friend. You don’t need to exert any energy, just breathing makes you sweat. I’m not sure how much water there is in the human body but there is less of it there now, my clothes have it all. I’m impressed by the wet and where it’s got too. My knees have wet stains, how does that happen?  Derrick March

Sheila Sanonoy with her son Christophy (4 Years old)
They were seen for the first time when TWECS came just two months after Typhoon Haiyan in January 2014.  They were both legally blind but left seeing each other's face for the first time.  They returned to our clinic yesterday and the mother conveyed to TWECS...." Before I cried in silence and loss hope for my son because an ordinary ophthalmologist do not want to examine my son's eyes because of his age, his jut 3 years old kid before and now his 4 years old.  I'm very proud of my son because he excel in the class. He is one of the top pupils."


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  1. Hi Marina and Derrik. I'm following your trip very closely. It brings tears to my eyes all the time. Just wanted to let you know I raised $200 for TWECS on the weekend selling my little unicorn novel. I sold 70 copies. Tomorrow, I go to Holy Trinity Elementary to do an author visit where they have collected used eyeglasses all week. I'll be doing everything I can to support you guys during this Christmas season.