Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Meet the team.....

Double Trouble
Rodger Konkle " Rodgerito"  & 
Robert Dawson " Roberto"
TWECS Directors

Leonard Campeotto & Brenda Tosoff 
Ten years ago I decided to go on my first Third World Eye Care Society eye care project. November 2005 brought me to the beautiful City of Tacloban, Philippines for an eye care mission.   I  was so unsure of what to expect .  Could I survive without the comfortable lifestyle I was privileged to be born into?  Being able to  make choices each day of what to wear, what to eat, should I have a shower or a nice warm bath?   I survived the project and learned to appreciate these most humble kind and grateful people; that would only take one cracker from the big tin so that others in the line would get their share. They showed me me how happy a simple life can be with friends, family and a close community .  I feel so privileged to be part of this TWECS Mission along with all of my teammates.  Thank you Marina and Derrick for inviting us to help make the world a better place.
Brenda Tosoff

A special moment

Cielo Mabansag
Whistler, BC 

 Anita Altarejos
San Diego, California
I was dropped in Tacloban the day of the Paris shootings and during the APEC meetings. As the world resumed it's usual behaviors of destruction,  greed and insensibility we were gearing up to heal those destroyed and victimized in Tacloban. It has been 2 years since SuperStorm Haiyan and it has been 2 years since TWECS has been here last. There were many different journeys that led to this united effort to alleviate a community still rebuilding.  There is the 3 Filipinas stories, the single mother story, father and son story, the husband and wife story, the brothers' story, the husband and husband story, the retired Seniors story, the hair stylist and socialite story and of course The Marina and Derrick story. A Motley crew of strangers dedicated to balance the wrongs in the world armored only with their own two individual hands.  We Canadians and Americans tend to live in our bubble of convenience and comfort.  We don't realize that there are people who have to make decisions we don't ever have to contemplate about.  Most of us won't have to decide whether we should get eyeglasses or put food on the table. Sustenance will always be granted first.  Eyeglasses are not just eyeglasses,  they are your eyes! We helped a woman who can only see an inch away from her face.  Can u imagine living an inch at a time?  We got her eyeglasses that let her see 2 feet in front of her.  Might not sound much but cooking would be easier for her, walking is probably easier for her and so on and on.  She has been freed from her limitations.  TWECS Philippines 2015 is riddled with stories like this. So go ahead World, continue your greed and destruction, there are those of us fierce enough to right your wrongs.  Goodbye Tacloban and Tanauan, I came to help but I got more than I gave.  It has been a pleasure serving you.  

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