Thursday, November 19, 2015

" Look Out"

Tan-awan”  means to look-out in the Waray-Waray language. It is the oldest town in the Province of Leyte and is also where Typhoon Haiyan made its first landfall in the Eastern Visayas.  Our next 3 days of clinic will be here in the outdoor community centre.

After our first day, we met some very special people.......

Dear old sweetie could not see even with +6.50 glasses, so I gave her a handheld 7X magnifier with a built in light and she started to cry because she can now read her Bible again. Rodger Konkle

Roberto custom made a pair of -22.50 eyeglasses for "Razel" a college graduate who had never had glasses before and had to be led by an escort everywhere she went and after receiving the glasses, she said " now I am independent and can get a job." Rodger Konkle
This beautiful 9 year old girl is very nearsighted and the mother was told that she had to buy new glasses for her daughter every 2 months.  She was so pleased when our doctors told her the glasses would be good for at least a year.  The mother said she cleans houses and does laundry for others just to save up enough money to buy her daughter's glasses which would be more than a month's wage.  Her little girl was given a kenneth cole pair of glasses with thin lenses and all the coatings..... from our recycled eyeglass inventory.

Why the big smile?'s her first pair and she's 29 years old

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