Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Between Something........

This will be my 4th trip with TWECs which gets me listed as a "veteran".  I'm between thinking I forgot something and I packed too much.  I'm also between excited to go again and thinking I'm crazy to do this again.  I'm also remembering people that we couldn't help and people that really didn't need help.  I try to mostly remember the special ones we really help and all the smiles.  I think of the story of saving the starfish on the beach.  I remember my first trip to Peru in 2004 when the patients would not wear their new glasses but hide them in their hats.  I found out later this wasn't because they were ashamed but valued them and didn't want to lose them.  They all wanted the plastic 
bags ( bolsa ) the glasses shipped in.  I remember in Peru when almost the whole team was sick and we still pulled off full clinic days.  Same trip I remember looking over at Derrick as we pulled our backpacks off the floor onto our beds to avoid spillage from our room mate throwing up, while there was sounds of people in the hall trying to make the bathroom that didn't have running water.  It was the best of times and it was the worst.  I'm looking forward to traveling with my little brother Randy,  who seems to have the mistaken idea I know what I'm doing and I'll look after him.  I think I've decided this is a crazy but good thing to do.
Eric Smart, Optometrist Dawson Creek, BC


  1. Nicely written Eric - wishing you and the team a successful and rewarding trip!

  2. Have a great time and do look after Randy!!!!