Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Father & Son

Father & Son
Lyle and Adam Myrfield, Courtenay BC

Mother & Daughter, 
Olivia Mestito & Irene Mestito-Dao
Winnipeg Manitoba

Dr. Irene Mestito-Dao performing retinoscopy

Debbie Bristow, Lake Country BC
 I expected it to be hot and to work hard. This was my first experience with TWECS but I didn't expect to have my legs swell, my voice go, and in other ways my body fail me. Especially after all the shots, pills and preventive measures taken. I felt invincible.

This work takes a toll on your emotional well being too, I have found myself in tears several times. You want to service those less fortunate, but there will always be more and you can never do enough.  The Philippine people are my inspiration to keep going, they love to laugh. The respect shown to the elderly is beautiful. I see a warm and happy people. The kids are just plain adorable.
We see about 500 people a day, most are receiving only reading glasses, but to give a elderly woman a pair of glasses to read her Bible is a worth while pursuit. Debbie Bristow

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