Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Smart Brothers

The Smart Brothers

Randy Smart performing lensometry
Dr. Eric Smart from Dawson Creek BC, trial framing a patient
Here are we are, in the last days of this project. I can feel that things are starting to wind down, although there is still work to be done. Our inventory is getting depleted ; that is good. There are fewer boxes to pack and carry ; that is also good. There have been ,I trust, many life changing moments. The  -27D young lady who had never worn glasses before, and watching Robert create a functional pair of specs for her.  The reserved smile of 9 year old Harvey who came to us with 20/160 vision having never worn glasses, and leaving with better than 20/60 acuity. Elconeda ,58,who has been without glasses since typhoon Haiyan receiving a pair of -8/-9 D glasses that gave her renewed hope. Sharing the work and some laughs with our young assistants like Romeo, who is a college student studying environmental science and dreams of joining NASA. If there has been a "life changing moment" on this trip for me, perhaps it was on the bus ride back to the hotel when I realized that the overwhelming emotion I am getting from this journey is not one of sadness, but of hope and inspiration. The people I have met here in the Philippines are still able to smile, experience joy , care for and help one another despite their circumstances. I saw a picture of a sign that read "Homeless,roofless, not hopeless". This trip has, in some sense, broken this life down to a simple truth. It feels good to be cared for, and to provide care. It feels good to love and be loved. At this time of year when the people of the Philippines are decorating for Christmas I am reminded of the importance of "faith, hope and love". Thanks to all the members of our team for your tireless efforts, and thanks to those following our journey on the blog and on Facebook pages for your kind support.
Blessings to all,

Randy Smart

Doug & Sharyn, the VA couple

It’s time to say farewell to the Phillipines and TWECS 2015.  Thank you to the helpers and Sisters of Mary Immaculate for your unwavering support to make the project a success.  To my TWECS team mates I have appreciated your  humor, smiles, support and help in every way possible.

To the Phillipine people – you have shown me the endless possibilities of love, friendship and a strong faith to overcome a tragedy the magnitude of Haiyan.
Salamat! Sharyn Higginson Mill Bay BC


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